The X Smart Home Wireless Video Doorbell is a very low-priced multipurpose doorbell. As it is evident from the name, it has wireless connectivity, visual features. It can be integrated into any other device to work smartly. 

The detail of the features and specifications of the xsmart home wireless video doorbell is as follows. You can give it a quick read. 

What are the benefits of Wireless Video Doorbell

Wireless video doorbells have gained pretty much importance in the marketplace. The easy installation process of these doorbells is very compelling to the buyers. Sometimes the installation is so easy that you can do it within minutes. 

These smart doorbells are connected with a Wi-Fi connection and offer you two-way audio communication with the visitors. The incorporation of the Artificial Intelligence feature has dramatically enhanced the importance of these doorbells. 

With the invention of smart video doorbells, the security of your house is in your phone. As long as the smartphone has integration with the device, you will receive the push notification instantly. You can also view your front porch remotely. 

Features of X Smart Home Doorbell 

The functionalities and specification of the X Smart Wireless Video Doorbell are as follows:
X Smart Home Wireless Video Doorbell, Best Smart Locks For Home Security
X Smart Home Wireless Video Doorbell, Best Smart Locks For Home Security

  • Installation

This doorbell uses batteries as a power source, so you do not have to worry about wiring and drill holes. You can mount the doorbell on the wall either through screws or the chip stickers available in the package. 

  • Connectivity

This doorbell has a connection with the Wi-Fi available at your home. It supports a 2.4G Wi-Fi connection. So connectivity is not a problem for this doorbell. All you have to do is bring the X Smart Home Wireless Video Doorbell at home.

  • Compatibility with different devices

X Smart Home Wireless Video Doorbell supports several devices. It shows compatibility with Google Home Hub and Alexa Echo Show 2. The smart integration with these devices allows real-time monitoring and voice control.

  • Design

The appearance of this doorbell is very trendy and voguish. It does not require any wire installation, so that you can mount the doorbell anywhere around the door. The package of the doorbell includes the camera and some scores to mount.

  • App Control

 X Smart doorbell supports the Andriod IOS APP control. You can also remotely put the check on your doorbell using the built-in app control. You can view the visitor at your front door and even respond to them via the app.

X Smart Home Wireless Video Doorbell, Best Smart Locks For Home SecurityX Smart Home Wireless Video Doorbell, Best Smart Locks For Home Security

  • Automatic mode switching

The X Smart Video Doorbell has a built-in feature of automatic mode switching. Using its AI technology, this doorbell sets its modes according to day and night without bothering you. 

  • Weather-Resistant

You can install the doorbell the outdoor as it is rainproof. The camera’s image quality won’t be affected by the harsh weather, and you can get a 1080p video round the year. 

The extreme weather conditions will not harm this fantastic little beast. Your investment is in safe hands.

  • Night Vision 

one of the extraordinary features of this doorbell is infrared night vision. It supports a clear and bright image of the intruder even at night. If the person is standing in the dark, it can still recognize him and alert you about the presence. 

Sleep well; X Smart Home Video doorbell is taking care of your surroundings. It will notify you about every activity.  

  • Field of View

the field of view of this doorbell is comparable with its market competitors. A wide-angle of 166 degrees takes in an extensive image of the surroundings. The doorbell offers a significant property of far-ranging. 

  • Power Consumption

The X Smart video doorbell is remarkably power-efficient. It has the quality of Ultra-low power consumption, so it is very cost-effective and light on the monthly budget. Even with low power consumption, it supports a long stand by time. 

You have to buy the batteries separately as they are not available in the package. 2 to 6 batteries can run up to 8 months. 

  • Responsiveness

X Smart doorbell is very vigilant, and it always stays connected with Wi-Fi. It does not sleep and, if not working, stays in standby mode. In the presence of a visitor, it actively wakes itself up and notifies you in seconds. 

  • Push Notifications

This doorbell enables push notifications on your phone. As soon as the visitor press the doorbell, you will instantly receive the information on your smartphone. So, no matter if you are away from your home, you can still communicate with the visitor. 

  • Artificial Intelligence 

This doorbell possesses AI detection technology. You can detect the person based on facial recognition and person recognition feature. It may also send previously recorded messages and inform the visitors about your absence or arrival time. 

  • Cloud Storage

Cloud storage is a distinctive feature that a company can offer for a doorbell. The service of video cloud storage is available in this doorbell so you can store your video files on the company’s online server.
X Smart Home Wireless Video Doorbell, Best Smart Locks For Home Security
X Smart Home Wireless Video Doorbell, Best Smart Locks For Home Security

  • Alerts

After buying the paid subscription, you can enjoy the cloud storage. Still, you can make direct phone calls using the app for audio communication. You will also get the phone message notifications. 

  • Video Quality 

As mentioned earlier, X Smart doorbell’s camera quality is 1080p, and it supports a full HD video quality. The functions of the camera include picture snapping and video recording. You can confront the visitor with a real-time visual intercom. 

  • Audio Quality 

Two-way communication with the guest at your door is a very considerate attribute of this doorbell. This two-way communication is between the smartphone and the intercom of the doorbell. 

  • Card Storage 

If you are not up for a monthly subscription, you can use the doorbell’s built-in storage. The X Smart doorbell has come up with a 32G TF card storage. There is a slot in the doorbell for the insertion of a microSD card. \

  • Price 

The price of this doorbell is just £38.0. As it is evident from the price, this doorbell is very economical, and everyone can afford this doorbell’s safety. 

The other doorbells like Nest Hello and Ring doorbell are too pricey, and an average person can not afford their perks. If you are a saving sort of person, you should choose the X Smart video doorbell. 

Why choose X Smart Home Wireless Doorbell? 

The answer is pretty clear now. Although the world does not know this doorbell fully but its outstanding features are just speechless. Here are the reasons you should choose this doorbell as your priority:

X Smart Home Wireless Video Doorbell, Best Smart Locks For Home SecurityX Smart Home Wireless Video Doorbell, Best Smart Locks For Home Security

  • Very cheap
  • Effortless installation
  • Voguish outlook
  • 1080p camera quality
  • IR night vision technology 
  • Push notifications
  • Bilateral communication
  • Interesting chimes
  • Local storage 
  • Artificial Intelligence Technology
  • Very responsive

This doorbell can win any ground based on its surprising features. 

Final Words

On a concluding note, the xsmart home wireless video doorbell has so many satisfactory features, from easy installation to AI technology. You have to pay £38 to buy this magic doorbell.

It will provide safety to your home and your loved ones. You can enjoy safe nights using the IR night vision mode of this device. In other words, your safety is just in your hands as this device has smart integration with your cell phone.