Schlage Model Connect Sense
Keypad entry Touchscreen interactive    Touchscreen interactive   
Maximum PIN codes allowed 30 codes 30 codes
Lock Grade type First grade  First grade
Lock Backlight Yes Yes
Alarm system Yes Yes
Alexa supported Yes(Strengths, Weaknesses, Analysis) No
Apple Home-kit supported No Yes
Wireless Connection Z-wave Bluetooth
Remote Control Via Hub            Via Homekit or WiFi Adapter

Schlage Connect features

It is perfectly compatible with Alexa. Unlike Schlage Sense lock, which is made to adapt with Siri, Connect is designed for control using Amazon Alexa. If you have Alexa as your partner in your smart home, this locks works the best for you. However, you need to be aware that Home Kit and Siri do not work with Schlage Connect.

Schlage Connect is also Z-Wave compatible. Z-Wave provides the application layer interoperability between your home system and your smart lock. It is a radio protocol that allows all devices within the network to communicate with one another, creating a mesh-like smart home system. This lets you to connect your lock with other Z-Wave smart home devices, which are controlled and operate with various types of smart home hubs. If you want to further enhance your home security, there are also Z-Wave door and motion sensors to set up a security system with this lock.

Generally, this type of lock is available at comparatively cheaper price than the Schlage Sense lock. You can see these for yourself by browsing the amazon.

However, the inbuilt system works remotely only when paired with a third-party hub or alarm system. You may not be able to use a Wi-Fi adapter for Schlage Connect.

This also means that there is no native Schlage app for operating your lock and setting door codes, so you’ll need to get pretty comfortable controlling it through apps like Wink or SmartThings.

Schlage Connect vs Sense, Best Smart Locks For Home Security

                                          Schlage Connect vs Sense, Best Smart Locks For Home Security

Schlage Connect vs Sense

This Smart lock is Apple HomeKit compatible. This means Schlage Sense can be controlled by Siri and within Apple’s Home applications. You can easily download it from the app store. This is a big deal because there is an elite club of gadgets and smart locks that work with Apple devices due to its strict monitoring and security policy.

Works remotely if an updated iPad or Apple TV ( atleast 3rd Generation or higher) are in the home and within a minimum of 40 feet from the lock. The iPad will need to stay at the house since it will act as your lock’s hub or in a bit simpler terms, the medium through which you’ll have access to your lock. You can turn it into a hub within the settings. 

You can also work the lock remotely using a Wi-Fi Adapter, which plugs into any outlet and is common in every household now. This is a decent option if you don’t have an Apple Home-Kit hub set up. If you install the Wi-Fi adapter rather than another hub, you will use the smartphone Schlage Sense app to control the lock, and also connect the lock to Alexa.

However, this lock does not work with SmartThings or other such related hubs. If you want to build your smart home within such hubs and platforms, Schlage Sense might not be the best choice for you. It’s designed to go along with Apple only.

Security Features

Schlage has been consistent on producing international quality state of the art smart locks over the years. Thus, it is an essential aspect of comparison as to its strength within its locks and deadbolts. The Connect and Sense both have similar Grade 1 rating for deadbolts and Grade 2 for Connected Keypad and Touch. This rating is certified by ANSI/BHMA.

Aside from that, both devices have 30 maximum programmable codes that could be accessed readily with a built-in alarm system that could be turned on once any danger will be sensed out.

Design and Appearance

Looking at both devices, the first thing you’ll notice are similarities on its interface. Both sporting an illuminated touchscreen interface with a sleek and stylish design that any user would really like. The Connect is a bit curved with the contoured bottom. Whereas, the Sense has the basic rectangular clean shape. Both are made of same high-quality material as expected since both are products to a similar manufacturer. There lies also a difference between these both devices is to its color. Consequently, both are available in two trims: the Camelot and the Century. However, the Connect induces eight color finishes comparing to the Sense with three shorter than the latter. Let’s give this point to Connect for variety!


The performance must be considered as the crucial property in this comparison article so we definitely need to discuss about how well these smart locks perform. If Schlage Sense and Connect can’t meet the minimum requirements to the satisfaction of the buyer, it’s better to look for alternative products on the market.

Luckily for you, Schlage Connect and Sense are well-known for having excellent performance capabilities with outstanding features and high durability. These two locks are best-selling products on Amazon and compete in the top leagues with dozens of positive reviews and 5-star ratings.

Schlage Connect vs Sense, Best Smart Locks For Home Security

                                                    Schlage Connect vs Sense, Best Smart Locks For Home Security

Security & Durability  

Compared to other brands, Schlage locks are much harder to break. Combine that with its built-in smart features, forced entry becomes almost impossible. The Schlage Connect and Sense have a built-in alarm technology. This new security feature has the ability to sense potential door attacks and alert the homeowners with a cracking alarm providing additional safety from break-ins.

You are given the opportunity to choose between three different alarm alerts — activity, tamper, or forced entry alert. The activity alert will send you notifications whenever someone goes in or out. The tamper alert will send you a notification whenever the door knob/lever is being meddled with. And finally with the active alarm system informing you of any forced entry, you’ll hear an instant alarm when significant force pushes against the door, as in during break-ins.

The Schlage Connect and Sense are ranked Grade 1 locks — the highest residential rating locks available. The locks are built from high-quality durable materials to provide you with the highest level of security at the main door/ any other door of your house.

The Schlage Sense lock features blue-tooth connectivity only. However, Schlage Connect features Z-wave technology. If it’s your first smart gadget, the technology of your future smart lock device might not get the thorough appreciation form you that it deserves, as long as it works exactly how you want it to and doesn’t cause unnecessary technical complications. However, if you’re expanding on your smart home or are thinking of adding more smart devices in future — technology is a pretty important factor to consider. With Schlage smart locks in particular, technology determines the way you’ll be able to control your smart lock remotely. 

Pairing and Connectivity

This feature makes these two smart locks different from each other. Consequently, the Schlage Connect is made especially and exclusively for those Z-Wave and Zigbee protocols. Thus, this smart lock is intended to be used for Wink, Smarthings, and Vera. It’s highly compatible with Alexa but not with Siri and Apple related smart devices. Whereas, the Schlage Sense is well suited to work with Apple Homekit. It could be used for both virtual assistants, Siri as well as Alexa. This feature goes for Sense!

Voice Control 

When comparing the Schlage Connect lock vs its counterpart Sense, at some point in time, it comes down to choosing between Apple Home kit with Siri and Amazon Alexa.

The Schlage Sense smart lock is the only lock out of the two that works with Siri. Siri helps you to command the Schlage Sense to lock and unlock. You can also ask Siri to check the status of your lock by simply iterating the verbal command: “Siri, is my door unlocked?”

Even though the Schlage Connect do not support Apple HomeKit, they do support Amazon Alexa. However, you’ll need a Wink or SmartThings hub if you would like Alexa to control the Schlage Connect as mentioned earlier in this article.

Another interesting query that has been asked a couple of times by various customers is “Can someone ask Alexa to unlock my door?”. The answer to that would be a big fat no. Amazon Alexa won’t unlock the door no matter how cunningly you ask her. Her reply would always be the same: “Just to be safe, I can’t unlock smart devices yet.” — Which makes sense. 10/10 for home security to Amazon.

The same rule applies if you want to check battery status or create/maintain secured codes, you would get a big no from Alexa due to obvious security reasons.


Both of the Schlage smart locks have their owns pros and cons. The one best suited to you would obviously be the one which is compatible with your smart home interactive. The next thing to consider would be your own personal reasons as to what you would primarily want out of the lock. No matter what your priority is. Whether it’s security against break-ins or simply be aware of comings and goings of your friends who have no boundaries, you’ll find features in both locks that fit your liking. Happy Shopping for the best door locks for home security!