Even if you have a neighborhood guarded by security guards, there is still a possibility of someone dressed usually to break into your home unannounced. No matter how hard you try to fight it, a weak security system will never help you figure out who the intruder was and what they took.

You can install surveillance cameras in every corner of your house, but have you thought about the functionality of your house door lock? If it works with a key, then you know how easy it is for robbers to pick locks and enter vigorously.

Fortunately, there are plenty of efficient house door locks that pack incredible power and safety features to keep your door shut for unwanted visitors.

The Schlage Connect is one of the best door security locks that function with your command, which means the door will not open unless you want it. It offers a smart lock-in Camelot style, so it looks elegant on your door with having the ability to defeat evil eyes.

Furthermore, when it comes to Schlage itself, it is a stunning brand for producing smart and advanced systems for modern people. That said, the Schlage Connect does an exceptional job of keeping your door locked within the hinges until you command to open it yourself.

Additionally, you can give access to frequent visitors to your home by sharing PIN codes. So, only the people who know the PIN codes will have access to your door – isn’t that great?

Schlage Connect Review, Best Smart Locks For Home Security

Schlage Connect Review, Best Smart Locks For Home SecuritySchlage Connect – A Detailed Review

Indeed, it is tricky to figure out which smart lock model will be suitable for your home, but here’s a short answer: The Schlage Connect Smart Lock. All of the Schlage Smart home products are famous for being everything you ever wanted for modern living.

If you own a smart home hub, like SmartThings or Wink, then the Schlage Connect will assist you most exceptionally. Schlage Sense is the name of the company’s Homekit-compatible deadbolt and Wi-Fi.

Additionally, you can also connect Schlage Encode with Wi-Fi. However, Encode is not suitable for HomeKit, but it does help with the Amazon Key hidden inside your front door.

The Schlage Connect features a modern built-in alarm that makes it an incredibly secure and robust door lock. As this is Z-Wave, you must have a smart hub to achieve access to some high-level features that are essential to have a smart lock.

This lock has some premium features for convenience and security, and not to mention; it comes with a noteworthy warranty as well. One of the primary reasons why the Schlage Connect is highly preferred is due to the tremendous amount of security it offers. It can change the security system of your home completely.

Before we begin explaining the features in this Schlage Sense review, you must understand the design of this door lock system. It is a full deadbolt kit that replaces your traditional lock with a smart and more accessible lock.

From the interior, it has a button and a twisting lock knob that notifies you about unwanted visitors or any other unusual behavior outside your door.

On the other hand, the exterior incorporates a typical keyhole under a fingerprint-resistant keypad to have a keyless entry. The keyboard offers the ease to let your friends, family, or guests in, while the durable structure will keep intruders away.

Quick Features

The Schlage Connect is an efficient deadbolt for those who need a smart-lock system. It is user-friendly, easy to use, and reliable as well. Additionally, the installation process is a piece of cake.

You can install Schlage locks on almost any kind of door, and it is normal for a person to be intimidated by the appearance of this smart lock. However, the user guides are helpful and quite instructive, so it will not be difficult for you to understand the installation.

You will need two things; measuring tape and a Philips-head screwdriver, and it will not take you more than 15  minutes to install this lock into your door.

After installing, you need to work on the codes. You can do that either from a smart-home hub or directly from the lock. As the Schlage Connect is similar to Z-Wave smart locks, this lock system does not have its stand-alone application.

If you want to give you dog walkers, repair services, family, friends, or cleaning lady access to the lock, you can assign at least 30 codes simultaneously. Remember, the PIN codes must be between 4-8 digits long, but every PIN code has to contain the same length.

The Connect also features two preprogrammed codes. It is up to you if you want to delete these codes or keep them. Having a pre-saved PIN code is useful because if you don’t have enough time to create a PIN at the moment, you can use the preprogrammed one to save time.

Schlage Connect Review, Best Smart Locks For Home Security

Schlage Connect Review, Best Smart Locks For Home Security


Schlage Connect Design

Knowing that people have a specific taste in design and style, the Schlage Connect offers a variety of unique and beautiful color-schemes and style options.

Also, they sell matching doorknobs, door levers, and lots of other accessories. Moreover, the Connect is available in two designs: Century, a minimalist design, while the Camelot incorporates a fancy layout with intricate features.

Every one of Schlage accessories and products offers unique design availabilities, including satin nickel, aged bronze, satin chrome, and bright chrome. Similarly, the Schlage Connect is available in these same designs.

The exterior lock has a rectangular plate of reasonable size, a touchscreen, and a traditional keyhole for backup. Somehow, the interior of the deadbolt appears to be quite spacious, as it is a large-sized door lock.

The stupendous touch screen is designed to prevent smudges’ fingerprints, and it is guaranteed that the keypad of the lock will never reflect a dirty appearance. Moreover, the keyboard is impressive, with an indicator that looks like a checkmark, glows green when things go smoothly; otherwise, there will be a red cross.

  • Smart Fixture

The Schlage Connect offers you the advantage to use it as a stand-alone deadbolt lock, or you can pair it with a Z-Wave hub. No matter how you choose to use it, you will still receive ultimate security. Sill, pairing it with the Z-Wave hub is a much better option because you can have access to high-level features.

Furthermore, if your previous door lock made you use Wink or Samsung SmartThings, it makes things easier for you. Just press the Schlage button, enter your code, and press the 0 buttons. The green checkmark will glow, which is an indication that everything is OKAY.

Things can become way more manageable if you have a hub. You can prefer to pair it with any Z-Wave device and further pair it with the Schlage Connect.

In addition to this, if your house has a home security system or efficient lights compatible with Z-Wave, you can set timings of precise movements. You can set the schedule when you want the lights to turn on or off, or when you want the door to lock or unlock.

   Security Performance

The Schlage Connect is a smart and easy-to-use lock. To unlock it from the outside, press the Schlage logo on top of the screen and enter your code. If your PIN code is correct, the green checkmark will beep once and glow twice.

The process of locking it while heading out is the same. Press the Schlage button from the outside, and the door will close, and as an indication, the green checkmark will glow once.

On the other hand, if your code does not work, a red X will appear on the screen. In contrast, you can even use the Schlage Connect’s automatic lock system, which locks the door automatically 30 seconds after being opened.

When it comes to its lifespan, the Schlage Connect functions on four AA batteries. These batteries will get you through a year. Additionally, if the battery is about to die, you will receive a notification in advance on your paired device.

That adds another remarkable sense of security to keep a backup key with you even when you don’t feel like taking it.


  • The alarm is loud and clear
  • User-friendly
  • Easy to install
  • Available with two preprogrammed codes
  • It can program more than 30 different codes
  • Available in numerous finishes and colors to match the style of your home


  • Half of the features demand Z-Wave smart-home hub
  • Large in size


The Schlage Connect is a remarkable deadbolt, and it works even better if you have a Z-Wave smart-home hub.

The lock incorporates a convenient touch screen keypad that packs more than 30 unique codes and enables you to lock the door with touching the Schlage button. With top-notch security features Schlage, such as an alarm with three unique sensitivity options, this deadbolt is a trusted choice.

So if you care about the safety of your home, then immediately equip your home with the Schlage Connect deadbolt door lock.