The demands for security camera doorbells are very high. The primary thing to consider while choosing the video doorbell is the safety features they support. The video doorbells guard your house in your absence and even respond to the visitors. 

Google Nest Hello has some exclusive features, including facial recognition, IR lights, and prerecorded messages. It is very responsive and always stays connected to Wi-Fi. The Ring has come up with a ring doorbell without subscription and has a dual power mode feature. 

So, if you are currently wondering to choose a doorbell for your house, give this article a quick read. 

Google Nest vs. Ring 

Google Nest Hello vs. Ring Video Doorbell comparison is not an easy collation as it does not involve two products. Google owns Nest, and Nest Hello is the single product of this brand.
Google Nest Hello vs. Ring Video Doorbell – Comparison 2021, Best Smart Locks For Home SecurityGoogle Nest Hello vs. Ring Video Doorbell – Comparison 2021, Best Smart Locks For Home Security
The Ring has more than half a dozen doorbells available in the market. Ring Video Doorbell 3 Plus, Ring Video Doorbell Pro, and Ring Video Doorbell 2 are some of the brand’s best models. 

What a buyer looks in a Video Doorbell?

There are many things that a buyer keep in mind while buying a doorbell. All these things depend on the need of a buyer. He may go for a wired or wireless doorbell; he may also choose a subscription-free doorbell or a doorbell with a subscription.

The price is also a critical factor while choosing a smart doorbell; apart from that, the visitors’ traffic on your door is a necessary factor in selecting a specific doorbell. 

Comparison of Features

The comparison between the doorbells includes the features they offer, and it is as follows: 

  • Smart Assistance 

As already described, Google owns the Nest so that Google Home will provide a perfect integration for your Nest Hello. You can collaborate with several devices, including Chromecast, Nest Hub, and Nest Mini. 

Ring doorbells also work best with Google Home, but as Amazon owns Ring, Alexa is the most acceptable option. 

So if you already have a Google assistant at your home, then you should go for Nest. If you have previously bought Alexa, then you should buy Ring video doorbell. 

  • Installation

Messy or no-messy installation, the answer is yours. The Nest Hello doorbells need a wired installation along with a transformer. If you have an existing doorbell, it won’t create any mess; otherwise, you have to clear a lot of confusion during installation. 

Most of the Ring’s doorbells are easy to install and come with a battery pack for power supply. The Ring Doorbell 3 plus is easy to install the product of Ring. It has a removable battery, and it is chargeable. A single fully charged lot can last for 6 to 12 months. 

  • Design 

The appearance of Nest Hello is elegant and tidy. It is a very compact and sleek doorbell and fits best to the frame of your door. The slimy outlook of the doorbell will complement your house.
Google Nest Hello vs. Ring Video Doorbell – Comparison 2021, Best Smart Locks For Home SecurityGoogle Nest Hello vs. Ring Video Doorbell – Comparison 2021, Best Smart Locks For Home Security
On the other hand, the doorbell models of Ring are a bit Chunkier. The Ring Video Doorbell 2 and Ring Video Doorbell 3 plus are bulkier in shape. There should be a proper space at your front door to mount these doorbells. 

The reason behind the Ring doorbell 3 Plus to be sizeable is the presence of a battery. The Nest Hello does not have any battery in it; that’s why it has a compact shape. 

  • Storage 

The cloud storage for both the system is available on subscription. You can upgrade your doorbell to avail of a monthly subscription and many other features. 

If you are using both systems on local storage, you can still get so many perks. Motion alerts, bell alerts, and person detection are all free from subscription. Nevertheless, you can not save the video to storage. 

  • Monthly Subscription

The package of monthly subscription varies from brand to brand. Nest has recently made an up-gradation to its Nest Aware System. This primary perk of up-gradation is that you can enjoy the security coverage on all your cameras for just £5 per month. 

Nest Aware also provides a facial recognition facility and the customization of the activity zones. For a continuous recording service, you have to pay some extra money. 

More precisely, for the Ring video doorbells, the Ring Video Doorbell 3 Plus, “Ring Protect,” is the cloud system.  The plan’s cost starts from £2.50 per month for a single device; if you are using multiple devices, you have to pay for £8 per month. 

Although Ring’s subscription is a bit pricey, it helps control the Ring Alarm system and a cellular backup. 

  • Functioning 

The Ring video doorbells’ responsiveness, Including Ring Video Doorbell 3 Plus and Ring Video Doorbell Pro, is somewhat slow. First of all, it has to wake itself up, then connect to Wi-Fi, and when it detects the visitor’s presence. All these steps take some time.
Google Nest Hello vs. Ring Video Doorbell – Comparison 2021, Best Smart Locks For Home SecurityGoogle Nest Hello vs. Ring Video Doorbell – Comparison 2021, Best Smart Locks For Home Security
The Nest Hello is a vigilant doorbell and always stays connected to the Wi-Fi. It usually shows the response in less than 10 seconds when someone presses the bell. 

Another remarkable feature of Nest Hello is its portrait mode. Whenever you get a notification on your phone, you can easily see the video on your smartphone. Ring’s video mode is landscape, so sometimes it becomes very choppy to see the video on the phone. 

  • Two-way Communication 

Both brands offer ongoing two-way communication with the visitor. The audio call quality of both the brands is equally good, especially the Nest Hello and Ring Video Doorbell 3 are best comparable. 

The Nest is slightly on a better edge because of its pre-defined audio messages. The audio messages are “We’ll be right there” and “You can leave the package” to make it quicker for you, the communication. 

  • Video standards

The video quality of Ring Doorbell 3 Plus is Full HD landscape and has an HDR resolution. In contrast, the Nest Hello has a portrait mode video with a resolution of 1600 x 1200 supported by HDR.

There is no significant difference in the video quality of both devices. Both give a very vivid, crystal, clear, detailed video. 

  • Night Vision

During the night, the infrared mode of both the devices becomes active. The IR lights help in recognizing the motion and people in the dark. So, both the devices remain vigilant at night too. 

  • Comparison of Core Specs

Talking about the core specs, the camera type of both the devices is the doorbell. The device size of Ring Video Doorbell 3 Plus is 128 x 62 x 28mm while the device size of Nest Hello is 117 x 43 x 26mm. 

The network type of Ring Doorbell 3 Plus and Nest Hello is Dual-band 802.11n and 802.11n 2.4 GHz, respectively. 

The recording option of bot the devices is cloud-based. The motion detection sensor of Ring Video Doorbell 3 Plus has PIR sensors. The choice of activity zone is available in Nest Hello while absent in Ring Video Doorbell 3 Plus. 

The Ring Doorbell 3 Plus has a dual-power source, including battery and wired source. The power source of Nest Hello is the electrical wire only. Both devices support app control. They also support IFTTT. 

Which doorbell should you buy, Nest Hello or Ring?

Both the doorbells have some exclusive features that are hard to undermine. The portrait mode and facial recognition attributes of Nest Hello make it unique from the Ring doorbells. The appearance of Nest Hello is solid and compressed.
Google Nest Hello vs. Ring Video Doorbell – Comparison 2020, Google Nest Hello vs. Ring Video Doorbell – Comparison 2021, Best Smart Locks For Home Security
Google Nest Hello vs. Ring Video Doorbell – Comparison 2021, Best Smart Locks For Home Security
All the models of Ring doorbells are a bit chunkier, excluding the Ring Peephole Cam. The Ring Video Doorbell 3 Plus is bulkier in appearance, and you may not find it aesthetic to your taste. But the presence of a battery gives you an extra edge. 

The wider eco-system makes Ring the clear cut winner. Because of the variety of models, you can choose the Ring doorbells based on their cameras. At the same time, Nest Hello does not have any sibling models in the market. 

Bottom line 

The best video doorbell assists your home with effectual security. The cheap video doorbell may put your safety at risk. The comparison mentioned above of both the best brands of doorbells has enlisted their most impactful features. 

Apart from these doorbells, there are several other options available in the market. Still, these two are the head to head competitors of each other. Nest Hello and ring doorbell without subscription; both are your best options and guard your home very effectively.