The Nest is the proud presentation of Google, and Ring presents more than six smart doorbells in the market. The brands have some unique features in their video doorbells like 160 degrees field of view, two-way audio, 24/7 streaming, 1080p video quality, and infrared night vision.

One of the essential features of this doorbell is that they provide package alerts and neighborhood alerts. They assist the facial recognition and person detection features. The monthly subscription plans of both these brands are very cost-effective.

If you are interested in  Google Nest Doorbell vs Ring comparison, you can continue reading this article.

Description of Google Nest

Nest initially started with a thermostat but then expanded their production to smart video doorbells and smart home devices. One of the best selling doorbells of Nest is the Nest Hello video doorbell. Google owns the Nest, and one of the best selling products of the Nest is Nest Hello
Google Nest Doorbell vs. Ring, Google Nest Doorbell vs. Ring, Best Smart Locks For Home SecurityGoogle Nest Doorbell vs. Ring, Best Smart Locks For Home Security
If you have heavy foot traffic on your door, then you should choose Nest Hello. It supports the feature of 24/7 video streaming and continuous video recording at a low priced monthly subscription plans.

It comes with face recognition technology. This technology is beneficial for your safety; the other features of this doorbell include HD video quality, compact design, and compatibility with other smart home devices.

The installation of Nest Hello involves wiring and an existing chime box. There are some extra features of Nest Hello, which comes on buying the monthly subscription plan of google nest security.

Description for Ring

The Ring is the pioneer of smart doorbells and has produced one of the market’s best doorbells. Amazon owns The Ring, and it has more than half a dozen various versions of video doorbells.
Google Nest Doorbell vs. Ring, Best Smart Locks For Home Security
Google Nest Doorbell vs. Ring, Best Smart Locks For Home Security
Video Doorbell 3 and Video Doorbell Pro are the best among the Ring’s doorbells; if there is less foot traffic at your door, then you should go for Ring doorbells.

If your home is Alexa powered, then you should choose Ring doorbell, and Ring Video Doorbell 3 Plus is the best option for you. It has a video streaming quality of 1080p and has infrared night vision technology.

The Ring Video Doorbell 3 plus has a sleek design; it has several interchangeable face pallets. On the one side, it is comparatively expensive than the Nest Hello. Still, on the other side, it has some affordable monthly cloud storage fees.

Comparison of Ring’s Video Doorbell Pro with Nest’s Hello

As both the companies have so many products, and it will be challenging to compare them, a comparison between their best works will give you a satisfactory answer. The comparison of the features of both devices is as follows.

  • Installation

The Nest Hello will replace your traditional doorbell, which means you only have to install the transformer for your doorbell’s functioning. A doorbell chime is also necessary to hear the Ring of the doorbell other than your phone.
The Ring video doorbells can make use of both wired connections or internal batteries. These options make your installation easy and offer you choices for where to install the doorbell.

Google Nest Doorbell vs. Ring, Best Smart Locks For Home Security
Google Nest Doorbell vs. Ring, Best Smart Locks For Home SecurityOne of the drawbacks of using battery run Ring doorbell is that you have to take these batteries offline to recharge them.

  • Pricing

The Ring put forward six different models of smart doorbells in the market names and cost as given below:

  • Ring Video Doorbell 2nd gen ($99)
  • Ring Video Doorbell 3  ($199)
  • Ring Video Doorbell 3 Plus ($299)
  • Ring Video Doorbell Pro ($249)
  • Ring Video Doorbell Elite ($349)
  • Ring Peephole Cam ($199)

The Nest Hello and Ring Video Doorbell Plus 3 both have the same price. Nest Hello has a cost of $299, and its features are also comparable with Nest Hello. Currently, the market price of Nest Hello has gone down to $179. Now you can get Nest Hello at a low price.

  • Video Quality

We consider the one thing while choosing a smart doorbell is its video quality because it is the biggest concern of the buyer. The video resolution of Nest Hello is 1600 x 1200, while the video resolution of Ring Video Doorbell 3 Plus is 1920 x 1080. So, the resolution power of Nest Hello is lower than Ring’s.

Both the doorbells’ cameras assist HDR, recognizing the visitor when standing in the shade or the dark. The aspect ratio of Nest Hello is more as it shows more details of the front stoop.

Both the cameras’ field of view is 160 degrees, and both offer an infrared night vision feature.

  • Extended Camera Recording Feature

The camera doorbells available in the market are not very efficient in detecting quick moves. Both these doorbells have come with the solution. When a person appears in the camera frame, they recognize the movement by the continuous recording mode even for a moment.
Google Nest Doorbell vs. Ring, Best Smart Locks For Home Security
Google Nest Doorbell vs. Ring, Best Smart Locks For Home SecurityThe pre-roll feature or the pre-recording feature of both the doorbells are somewhat different. The Ring’s pre-roll mode record the video in black and white while Nest Hello record a colored pre-recording video. So, Nest Hello is on a higher edge.

  • Design and Appearance

The Ring has voguish doorbells with concrete, smart designs. The sleeky design is very traditional and provides you a modern alternative to your regular doorbells. They are both wired and battery supported.

The minimal design of Nest Hello is purely for the people who are minimal freaks and follow minimal trends. It is easy to install a doorbell which acts as a fancy guard for your door.

  • Custom Motion Zone

Both the doorbells offer the specification of custom motion zones. You can easily customize the motion zones to focus on and can cut down the false alarms.

In Nest Hello, you can customize your polygonal shape custom zones. Simultaneously, in Ring Video Doorbell 3 Plus, you have to choose from the four given non-moveable zones. So, in Ring doorbell, you can not customize the motion zones according to your convenience.

  • Face Recognition and Person Recognition

Face recognition and person recognition technology have dramatically reduced the number of false alarms. When you allow this feature, you will get the notification only when a person comes into the activity zone in the field of view, excluding all the other animal alarms.

The Nest Hello gives you an extra perk of facial recognition mode by recognizing the friends and family members and sends you special alerts. You can save their profiles in your nest app.

  • Uninterrupted Video Recording

With the 24/7 video recording, Nest Hello wins the grounds. You can have continuous streaming on your cloud storage using Nest. The peak in the live view is available in both the cameras.

The continuous video streaming consumed colossal data. Still, Nest gives you the solution by lowering the resolution of the stream.

  • Package and Neighbourhood Alerts

In Nest Hello, there is an extra feature of package detection. It notifies you about package delivery timing, and the package picked up timing. This feature is present in only a few doorbells.

The additional feature of neighborhood alerts is present in Ring. It enables you to view other Ring users’ incidents in your vicinity, and you can post them from your camera. You can use this feature on your Ring app.

  • Compatibility With Smart Home Devices

The smart doorbells let you connect with other smart home devices at your home. If your doorbell is compatible with a smart home device, you can voice command it to turn on your front door’s lights.

The Ring is also compatible with Google assistant and Lutron. In contrast, the Nest is compatible with Alexa and Chromecast-enabled TV.

  • Monthly Subscription Plans

By subscribing to both brands’ monthly plan, you will get some fantastic extra features. The monthly fee for Nest 24/7 recording is $6. Within this fee, you can store past month recordings from an unlimited number of cameras.

The monthly subscription plan of Ring is $3 per month for a single device. Nest Aware is a cloud recording plan that provides continuous video recording and intelligent alerts.

Nest app and Ring app

The Nest mobile app is straightforward to use and cooperate with other devices easily. The facial recognition feature allows you to save different faces with profiles in the app. In this way, the Nest app sends you special alerts about the familiar ones.
Google Nest Doorbell vs. Ring, Best Smart Locks For Home Security
Google Nest Doorbell vs. Ring, Best Smart Locks For Home Security

The Ring app lets you customize the motion zones and also sends you neighborhood alerts. You can see the videos of Ring users in your neighborhood and post your cameras’ footage online.

Final Words

Be it Google Nest or be it Ring, both offer some exclusive perks. The Nest doorbells support facial recognition and let you welcome your loved ones comfortably. The Ring doorbells are easy to install and have extended battery packs as power backup.

This article Google Nest Doorbell vs Ring will help you get as much information about both brands’ doorbells as you need.