Front door security is fundamental to a home security system. If you need to stop pirates or know who is knocking, a smart video doorbell could be the solution. These doorbells inform you of a person’s presence and enable you to see him and communicate.

In these days of an emergency, because of COVID, people hesitate to meet unknown people. Therefore, a smart video doorbell is also a handy feature if you need to talk to a visitor maintaining a social distancing.

Smart video doorbells can even facilitate if you are away from your home. If you do not want to meet your visitor, you can use your smartphone to talk with him.

In this context, Energizer’s smart video doorbells are among the top options. Therefore, we will discuss these smart doorbells in detail today.

Difference Between Video Doorbells And Security Cameras

Usually, we take video doorbells the same way as security cameras, but they are different. The fundamental difference between these two is primarily the doorbell. It means you do not have enough flexibility with video doorbells.

Suppose you cannot install a video doorbell in your backyard or your children’s room. Because both places are logically fit for standard security cameras. Additionally, mostly video doorbells need a wired connection.

What To Look For In Smart Doorbells

If you don’t need a smart video doorbell, remember crime happens every day. Therefore, the Proactive approach recommends installing a smart video doorbell at your home, even if you think it is unnecessary.
Energizer Connect Smart 1080p HD Video Security Doorbell, Best Smart Locks For Home SecurityEnergizer Connect Smart 1080p HD Video Security Doorbell, Best Smart Locks For Home Security

There is nothing more essential than the security of your family, property, and home. In the market, video doorbells come with different basic features. However, when it comes to smart video doorbells, you must consider some common things in detail below.

  • Resolution

The resolution comes top of the features of a smart video doorbell. Mostly, these doorbells come with a 1080p resolution. And some come with resolution as slow as 480p. But the point is, the video doorbell is not of any use if you cannot recognize the person at your door.

For this reason, choose a resolution that can suit your situational needs. I would recommend you to install a video doorbell having at least 1080 p resolution or higher. This resolution can fetch you a clear picture of the surroundings.

  • Night Vision

Smart video doorbells must incorporate night vision. Most robbers get in the action at night, especially on winter nights, when darkness falls much earlier. Here comes the need for night vision in video doorbells.

If your video doorbell has night vision, you can see who is the visitor at your door is. Hence, you can get 24/7 security. Moreover, here also consider a visible area. Most companies tell this visible area. If not, we would recommend you to ask them.

  • Motion Detection

Not necessarily all the video doorbells have motion-detection features. However, the doorbells having this feature can have a tremendously positive influence on your daily routine. This feature sends you notifications upon detecting any motion.

You can also set a specific area to monitor. Hence, you do not get additional notifications when these doorbells detect a movement in an unselected area.  

  • Source Of Power

The source of power for smart video doorbells matters a lot. Currently, you can buy doorbells that are either hardwired or battery-powered. If your home does not have a traditional doorbell wiring, then a battery-powered doorbell is essential to your needs.

  • Field Of View

The field of view means how wide-area a camera can monitor. If a camera comes with 180 degrees of view, it can watch everything around it. On the other hand, if it is 90 degrees, you can see the front and slightly to either side. 

Hence, a wider field of view is preferred. However, when it comes to the minimum requirement, we recommend installing smart video doorbells with at least 120 degrees of field of view.

  • App Support

Smart video doorbells essentially mean you can operate these using your cell phone. For this operation, you need an app. For example, in Energizer’s smart video doorbells, you can connect using Energizer connect app.

To this, you must ensure the smart doorbell app is user-friendly. And most importantly, it is compatible with your operating system, i.e., iOS or Android. 

  • Two-way communication

If it is about a smart video doorbell, two-way communication should be the must part of your deal. You can listen and speak to your visitor. Hence, you can easily tell your visitor to wait or advise a delivery boy to leave the package at a suitable place and more.

  • Weather Endurable

As we know, the installation of a video doorbell is outside your home. Therefore, most of these doorbells come with an IP (Ingress Protection) rating. It tells you how much these doorbells are endurable to particular weather conditions.

Energizer Connect Smart 1080p HD Video Security Doorbell, Best Smart Locks For Home Security
Energizer Connect Smart 1080p HD Video Security Doorbell, Best Smart Locks For Home SecurityYou can find video doorbells in IP54, IP55, IP65, IP66, and IP67. As a general rule of thumb, the higher the IP number, the better a doorbell can resist weather conditions.

Requirement Of Homeowners and Renters

Another important thing that is important to consider is whether you are the owner of a home or renting it. Homeowners usually do not have any reservations about replacing existing normal doorbells with smart video doorbells.

Because homeowners are supposed to live long in the building, they do not have any security deposit back issues. Hence, they can also go for more features options when it comes to a smart video doorbell.

Renters, on the other hand, may not require to mess with their previous doorbell setups. Here, they find the most comfortable option to opt for a wireless video doorbell with DIY installation. These doorbells are very famous among small apartment owners and renters.

How Do Energizer Video Doorbells Work?

The video doorbells work in the same way as security cameras. Hence, capturing video and recording audio are fundamental features of Energizer’s smart video doorbells.
Energizer Connect Smart 1080p HD Video Security Doorbell, Best Smart Locks For Home SecurityEnergizer Connect Smart 1080p HD Video Security Doorbell, Best Smart Locks For Home Security
When it comes to storing the footages, Energizer doorbells offer both built-in memory and cloud storage. It means you can opt for any or both of these options. Mostly, these video doorbells come with motion-detection and send you a notification when detecting a movement.

You can operate these smart doorbells with your smartphone using Energizer connect app. However, other doorbells also use infra-red connectivity. In the current scenario, the companies are introducing artificial intelligence to avoid unnecessary notifications but on a limited scale.

Benefits of Energizer Smart Video Doorbells

Indeed, you cannot be at home all day. You have various engagements in daily routines, like jobs, domestic responsibilities, and so on. Energizer smart video doorbells let you be aware of your home, and you can even welcome a guest when you are away.

Energizer smart video doorbells also help you to get convene in your life. You do not need to rush downstairs every time to see who is outside. You can simply move on to your mobile screen and see who is there. If it’s a salesman and you are not interested you can say sorry.

On the other hand, if you find a friend or guest, you can let them in via Energizer smart locks. Even if you are away, you can give your guest space at your home in your absence. They can get rest and wait for your arrival.

Energizer smart video doorbells are also helpful in preventing package theft. It means you get a notification as soon as packages are delivered. You can ask delivery guys where exactly to hide these. 

Whether it is about safety or convenience, Energizer smart video doorbells are among the favorite smart home technologies. 

Features of Energizer Smart Video Doorbells

Energizer smart video doorbells come with 1080P resolution that offers you a quality video. Moreover, these incorporate a 160 degrees field of view that is above the least recommendation, i.e., 120 degrees.
Energizer Connect Smart 1080p HD Video Security Doorbell, Energizer Connect Smart 1080p HD Video Security Doorbell, Best Smart Locks For Home Security
Energizer Connect Smart 1080p HD Video Security Doorbell, Best Smart Locks For Home Security

You can get live coverage of your front door using Energizer Smart Video doorbells. However, the motion-detection feature sends you a notification upon detecting some movement. So, you do not need full-time monitoring.

As discussed earlier, Energizer Connect smart video doorbells offer you two storage sources, i.e., cloud storage and 128 GB Local storage (a comprehensive one). And cloud storage comes with 30day free trial.

These doorbells come in silver color only and are not battery-operated. It means you need wiring to install these. The weight of the Energizer smart video doorbell is generally around 9.6 ounces and comes in a dimension of 2x1x4.5 (WxDxH).


We have detailed the description of a standard doorbell along with the features of the Energizer Smart Video Doorbell.  You can easily match these with your requirements. 

Remember! You cannot get all the features in a budgeted doorbell. However, Energizer Smart Video Doorbell can be an incredible match for your needs that cost as lower as $49.99.