Home Security Systems are getting demand higher day by day. It is equally essential for your security and convenience. Hence, people are sometimes installing these security systems only to convene their lives instead of security. These systems convert your homes into smart homes.

In the smart homes, you can control your lights, locks, thermostats, doorbell cameras, smart cameras, smoke alarms, and many more things. Only you need to have your cell phone connected with the security system. It means you can do it even you are not at home. 

As regard cheap systems, these have some standard features; DIY installation, trial periods, no contracts with quality equipment at a budget-friendly price. 

If you want the best and cheapest Home Security Systems, this article will provide you detail about these.

Standard Features of Cheap Security Systems

Cheap and affordable home security systems come with limited usability and features. The higher you pay the price, the more features you get. However, you must know the minimum set of features from a cheap security system you can get.

This information can help and drive your decision when scanning different brands. We will discuss the features in the below section are available in almost every cheap and affordable security system.

Best and Cheapest Home Security System, Best Smart Locks For Home SecurityBest and Cheapest Home Security System, Best Smart Locks For Home Security

  • DIY Installation

DIY stands for Do It Yourself. It is one of the most available features you can get from cheap and affordable home security systems. It means you can install your security system yourself. It can help you avoid installation fee that can range anywhere between $70 and $300.

The installation fee depends upon the security provider company. Moreover, sometimes the customers have to wait for the company authorized technician to install the system at your home. You can also avoid this time lost in addition to cost-saving. 

  • No Contract

There is another feature that can help you lower your cost when it is about cheap home security systems. You can avoid any contracts. Traditionally, you are required to have and sign a contract with the service provider. 

However, today the companies are more inclined towards manufacturing those systems in which customers do not need any contract. It helps not only companies but also the customers to decrease their costs. In this scenario, you need to pay the only monthly fee.

  • Inexpensive Monitoring

You shall also find inexpensive and professional monitoring. You can limit your monthly cost to even $10 per month, depending upon how you customize your equipment. 

You can opt for the option of self-monitoring where you can control various security functions yourself. Here you can get security services even as lower $8.

Top Five Best Cheap Home Security Systems

You may have heard many things about home security companies in ads and commercials on TV. These systems may seem essential. Or you can get interested in installing it in your home for any reason; security or convenience.

To help you, we have top-five security providers. They offer competitive and the most affordable and cheap security systems in the market.

  • SimpliSafe:

SimpliSafe works and secures your home on its terms. It means no lengthy contracts and salespeople. Hence, you can choose the monitoring level and equipment you want. SimpliSafe offers equipment that is modern, smooth, and easy to setup.
Best and Cheapest Home Security System, Best Smart Locks For Home Security

Best and Cheapest Home Security System, Best Smart Locks For Home SecuritySimpliSafe provides a no-pressure online experience and offers professional monitoring on demand. Its straight forward pricing has made it easy to understand what you will spend for what service.

The good news is you can also demand 24/7 a professional monitoring service too. You will surprise to know it can add to your monthly cost as low as $15. Moreover, you can cancel this contract with no penalties at any time.

SimpliSafe provides best-budgeted home security systems for smaller apartments and homes. If you have a property or home, SimpliSafe’s systems may not fulfill your needs. 

The system provides only an outdoor security camera that can keep an eye on your visitors and package deliveries. At the same time, it leaves your home yard and other areas vulnerable.

  • Ring Alarm

Security systems of Ring Alarm not only fall in cheap security systems but also offer some impressive features. Hence, you must consider these systems if you are in search of an affordable security system. You can get a professional service at the lowest per month charges. 

Best and Cheapest Home Security System, Best Smart Locks For Home Security
Best and Cheapest Home Security System, Best Smart Locks For Home Security
Ring Alarm comes with affordable equipment at competitive prices. SimpliSafe was considered the most affordable system before Ring Alarm. It came and offered competitive equipment in as low as $199 and a monitoring facility in $10 monthly.

The story has not yet been completed. Monthly $10 is for full professional monitoring. If you manually monitor your system, that can be either just for $3 or even free of cost. It completely depends on what features you want to install in your home.

Ring Alarm is capable of working with Z-Wave. It means you can connect different domestic things like smart locks, smart outlets, and smart lights with your security system.

If you are already using a Ring camera, you can regulate your ring alarm system using the same app you are using previously.  

Overall it provides an excellent affordable system, but these systems are missing Google Home Support. Therefore, the Ring’s systems might not be suitable for you if your main squeeze is Google Home.

  • Cove Security https

Cove Security started its operations in 2018. Although it is a new company but promises self-installed and effectively monitored home security systems.

This company is excelling at a DIY home security pace. They provide wireless security equipment with cellular connectivity at a competitive price. Moreover, you can cancel the services at any time without any charges.

Best and Cheapest Home Security System, Best Smart Locks For Home Security
Best and Cheapest Home Security System, Best Smart Locks For Home SecurityCove Security systems do not deal with predetermined packages. However, these offer unique personalized services to configure your system by merely answering a few questions on the company’s website. Further, you can chat with the customer representative if needed.

It means if you want to add any additional equipment to your system, you can do so by only using their system builder setup. Hence, Cove Security gives you a transparent and low-pressure experience of customization.

  • ADT: 

ADT stands for American District Telegraph. It has more monitoring centers and is considered as the most experienced company in the field. As regards to home security systems, no one can beat this company. They are working for more than 140 years and has provided services to millions of customers.

Although ADT is considered as the most expensive security companies, it is known to offer various deals. These deals lessen the cost of equipment that can be justified over a period of 36 months.

Best and Cheapest Home Security System, Best Smart Locks For Home SecurityBest and Cheapest Home Security System, Best Smart Locks For Home Security
For example, the customer can get a mid-tier plan for 36 months at the cost of around $1700. It might look expensive but consider the average loss after a break-in. It is about $2800. So, in the end, these services can save more than $1,000 if it defends you from a burglar, whereas quality is exceptional.

Last but not least, ADT can serve you with its nine professional monitoring centers. It is more in number than of any other service provider. It means your monitoring is never offline. If a center encounters any problem, your affairs are immediately transferred to another center.

  • Abode

Abode started its operations in 2014. Former Executive of ADT, Mr. Christopher Carney, along with some partners, started this journey. They all have expertise in energy, tech, and security.

If you want to manually keep an eye on your property or home, then Abode can be the best option offered in the market. This company offers you flexible, professional, and unique monitoring options. And it is at an affordable price.

Best and Cheapest Home Security System, Best Smart Locks For Home SecurityBest and Cheapest Home Security System, Best Smart Locks For Home Security

But what if you are going on vacations but has opted for a manual monitoring option! Here, Abode has another unique feature that is temporary professional monitoring. So do not worry and must go on vacation because recreational activities are essential to your life.

To my knowledge, Abode is the only security provider dealing with manual monitoring options. Therefore, many of the customers having small property or homes are attracted to this facility.

If you manually monitor your security system, it may cost you as low as $8 per month. Moreover, you can also avail of opting for a 24/7 professional monitoring service. It is still pretty affordable compared to other security service providers. 


A well-customized cheap home security system can also provide you peace of mind just like expensive ones. With these affordable systems, you can start with a basic starter kit and immediately needed equipment. Afterward, you can add more equipment over time.

However, if you want to get more advanced equipment or lifetime security, you can opt for a pricier service provider. But remember, various cheap and affordable home security systems can protect your property with essential quality equipment.