The August Home mission

The August mission statement is to introduce simplicity and security into their customers’ lives by offering them visual access and control of their front door. Their products deliver smarter home security  that keep the intruders and any unwanted persons out and ease access for your family and friends.

August believes that the best door for home security to the home isn’t just about keeping the burglars out but also about letting the right people in at all the right times, per the right terms, and always according to way the homeowner wants. The ultimate goal is to obviously help make life simpler and more secure.

As stated in the August’s own website, these locks are essentially similar/different in the following aspects:

  Smart Lock Pro + Connect Wi-Fi Bridge Smart Lock Pro Smart Lock + Connect Wi-Fi Bridge Smart Lock
Local access via Bluetooth
Remote access (Connect Wi-Fi Bridge included)
Auto-Unlock / Auto-Lock
Unlimited Virtual Keys
Z-Wave Plus support
Works with Siri® & Apple HomeKit
Works with Amazon Alexa®
Works with the Google Assistant

Smart Lock Pro + Connect


Easy to Install

Voltage and Batteries

• Connect Wi-Fi Bridge plugs into a standard outlet

• Requires 110-240V

• Comes with 4 AA alkaline batteries

• Retrofit installation works with most standard single cylinder deadbolts

• Installation requires a standard Philips screwdriver

Smartphone ready

• Requires iOS (9.0 or higher) or Android (5.0 or higher) smartphone

What is included?

• Smart Lock Pro

• Connect Wi-Fi Bridge

• DoorSense™ Sensor

• Lock Adapter and Mounting Hardware

• 4 AA Batteries


DoorSense™ technology

Know your door is both closed and locked with DoorSense™.

August Smart lock vs August Smart lock pro, Best Smart Locks For Home Security

                                            August Smart lock vs August Smart lock pro, Best Smart Locks For Home Security


Locks your door automatically when you leave.

Voice control

Control with Siri (Apple HomeKit ready), Alexa and the Google Assistant.

Control your door from anywhere

Control your door from anywhere with the included Connect Wi-Fi bridge.

The August App

Activity monitoring

Track activity and always know who is coming and going at your doorstep with a 24/7 Activity Feed.

Guest access

Grant unlimited digital keys valid for a few weeks, a few hours, or a few minutes. Never worry about lost, stolen or copied keys again.

Total control

Lock and unlock your door, control keyless access and keep track of who comes and goes from anywhere.

Status updates

Only August has Door Sense that checks the status of your door and tells you if your door is securely closed and locked.

August Smart lock vs August Smart lock pro, Best Smart Locks For Home Security

                                  August Smart lock vs August Smart lock pro, Best Smart Locks For Home Security


The devices evidently have different designs, but getting past that, the question arises that why would you pay extra for the August Smart Lock Pro since it has mostly similar features in that it too is a Bluetooth lock that requires the Bridge or Doorbell for Wi-Fi connectivity. Well, there’s really only two things.


Instead of going through the annoyance of replacing your existing deadbolt, the August Smart Lock (and all other August locks) replace only the hardware on the lock from the inside of your house; from the outer side, no one would be able to tell the difference if you have a smart lock. You would still be able to use your existing keys. Installation is very simple, as long as you have a single cylinder deadbolt (August locks are not compatible with others). Installing and setting up the lock takes round about 10 minutes and requires only basic home tools.

August Smart lock vs August Smart lock pro, Best Smart Locks For Home Security

Once the lock is in place, it has the thumb turn like your traditional deadbolt, but the unit is much larger since it contains electronics, batteries, and connection equipment. The total size of the lock is  about 5 inches in diameter. It’s big, but not an eyesore. In fact, to be honest, it has got quite a nice look, that of a high tech device from the future and it comes in silver and dark grey colors. The lock is fueled from four AA batteries, all with a company assured battery life from anywhere between 3-6 months. The lock will itself alert you when the batteries need to be replaced.

  • Siri and Apple Home Kit Compatibility – Only the August Smart Lock Pro is compatible with Apple devices, not the Smart Lock. If you have been an avid Apple user, you would definitely want to control your lock with Siri (which actually is the obvious sensible choice and highly convenient) the Smart Lock Pro is the way to go for your smart home.
  • Z-Wave Support – This is a separate interlocking network technology that is common with smart home products. To dumb I down, if you have too many devices active on your Wi-Fi network at the same time, it can get the network busy and slow speeds down for everyone. Further, if you have issues with your Wi-Fi range, Z-Wave can be a solution to get a more stable connection. Z-Wave devices band together to create a one main strong connection and then connect it to a connector bridge that in turn connects to the internet. This way you have only one single device accessing the internet and the others are working together to form a tangled network. If you get, for example, a Samsung SmartThings Hub or a Wink Hub 2, you’ll be able to add your lock into their respective apps to unlock/lock it from anywhere. You’ll really only want to use Z-Wave unless you’re either too worried about slow Wi-Fi connectivity and already have a lot of Z-Wave products or simply have a smart bridge already. Otherwise, it probably makes more sense to just get the August Wi-Fi Bridge.

Knowing all of that, the August Smart Lock Pro, as mentioned earlier, makes sense for Apple and smart home enthusiasts. Otherwise, you might consider saving your money and getting the Smart Lock 3rd Generation.

What Deadbolts are Compatible with August Smart Locks?

Experts at August have tested the smart devices on various types of single cylinder deadbolts. Below is an exhaustive list of deadbolts that they have tested and compiled that are compatible with August Smart Locks. Currently, August Smart Locks are only compatible with single cylinder deadbolts. 


The following list of Assa Abloy’s Emtek- and Yale-branded deadbolts are compatible with August Smart Locks:



August Smart lock vs August Smart lock pro, Best Smart Locks For Home Security
      August Smart lock vs August Smart lock pro, Best Smart Locks For Home Security

Arrow Hardware

  • D Series

Ashley Norton

  • Solid Bronze Collection – 4115
  • Solid Bronze Collection – 4185
  • Solid Bronze Collection – 4175
  • Solid Bronze Collection – 4150
  • Solid Bronze Collection – 4165
  • Solid Bronze Collection – 4100
  • Solid Bronze Collection – 4190
  • Solid Brass Collection – DB4100
  • Solid Brass Collection – DB4190
  • Solid Brass Collection – DB4120
  • Solid Brass Collection – DB4130
  • Solid Brass Collection – DB4170
  • Solid Brass Collection – DB4150
  • Solid Brass Collection – DB4165

Baldwin (These are currently not compatible with low-profile versions, many new Estate locks are low-profile and not compatible, but older models – before 2016- will be compatible)

  • Reserve TRD
  • Reserve CRD
  • Reserve CSD
  • Reserve RAD
  • Reserve RSD
  • Reserve TAD
  • Reserve TSD
  • Prestige 380
  • Estate 8031
  • Estate 8041
  • Estate 8213
  • Estate 8231
  • Estate 8237
  • Estate 8241
  • Estate 8244
  • Estate 8252
  • Estate 8254
  • Estate 8285


  • Grade 3 Single Cylinder
  • Grade 3 One Sided half boreGrade 2 Single Cylinder


  • DL 61 (2014 and before. 2015 and newer Defiant deadbolts are not compatible) 


  • Solid Brass Grade 2
  • Traditional Collection Grade 2
  • Italian Collection Single Cylinder
  • Contemporary Collection Single Cylinder
  • Sandast Collection Curved
  • SandCast Collection Square

EZ Set

  • Single Cylinder
  • Interchangeable Core
  • Grade 2
  • Commercial Grade 1 Single Cylinder
  • Commercial Grade 2 Single Cylinder
  • Commercial Interchangeable Core


  • DL 61 F


  • Single cylinder deadbolts made before 2014

Global Door Controls

  • GLS660
  • GLC560UL
  • DR160


  • Nostalgic All – Custom


  • August Branded Deadbolt

Kwikset (not compatible with low-profile versions)

  • Signature Series 780
  • Signature Series 980
  • Signature Series 993
  • Signature Series Austin
  • Signature Series 909
  • Signature Series 598
  • Signature Series 158
  • Signature Series 816
  • Kwikset Series 660
  • Kwikset Series 816

Max Grade

  1. 600
  2. 100 series
  3. 200 series

Omnia Industries

  • Auxiliary D9000
  • Auxiliary D9000S
  • Auxiliary D9002
  • Prodigy Auxiliary ARCHDB
  • Prodigy Auxiliary RECTDB
  • Prodigy Auxiliary TRADDB


  • B60N
  • B330
  • B500 Series
  • B600 Series
  • B700 Series
  • B800 Series


  • 284
  • 323

Toledo Fine Locks

  • CV1800
  • CV2800
  • CV2800


  • Molten Bronze Premiere
  • Molten Bronze Square
  • Elegance Oval
  • Elegance Premiere
  • Traditional 667
  • Traditional 671
  • Essentials 371
  • UL 60 Minutes Rated 871
  • Commercial 7200