Smart locks are becoming more and more popular because of keyless operation. The easy installation of these locks is compatible with almost all types of doors. August Inc is one of the best smart lock manufacturers founded in 2012.

This company is known for its Wi-Fi Doors and Doorbell Cameras. The first smart lock of August was introduced in 2013 that used Bluetooth 4.0 as well as the traditional key. These locks are compatible with single cylinder deadbolts.

August manufactures best door locks for home security. August’s product is Zwave Plus Certified, there is no doubt in its quality and durability.This is the reason August has sold over 1 million smart locks.

August Smart locks are the bestselling smart locks in the US due to its security features and handless operation. Unlike traditional keys, you don’t have to struggle while locking and unlocking the door. August Inc. does not manufacture a large variety but only 3 smart locks, which are Wifi smart lock, smart lock, and smart lock pro.

No additional equipment is required for its installation and uses the simple deadbolt of the door to be installed. These locks can also be unlocked or locked using smartphone apps and Smart assistants such as Amazon Alexa.

We have compared the Smart Lock and Smart Lock Pro, which are the latest product.  We have done an August smart lock review to help you find the best smart lock according to your requirements. Following is the review of the two best smart locks by August.

1.   August Smart Lock:

Everything is upgrading and the same with locks as well, the door lock is upgraded to smart locks. A large variety of smart lock is available in the market that can easily confuse you.

August Smart lock is well-known as one of the best selling locks in the US, as these locks are secure, smart, and reliable. This lock allows the keyless operation to lock or unlock your door. If you often forget your keys, buying this smart lock will be a great idea for you.

It is considered the best smart locks 2019 due to its features and functionality. August smart lock comes with 3 months of battery life, which is quite enough as compared to the size and other components of the smart lock.

The August app is very secure and responsive, there is no need to worry about crashing app. Additional Wi-Fi bridge has to be bought separately to use other features of this smart lock.

August Smartlock is compatible with smart Assistants such as Amazon Alexa. You can even make use of voice commands to control your door lock. For the integration with Alexa, a Wifi controlled bridge is required.

This smart locks monitors the lock/unlock details and timings. You can control access for anyone for a specific time. You don’t have to be professional in order to install the smart lock. You can use your existing locks and keys, so others can also use the door lock.

The lock is sturdy, reliable, and smooth when locking/unlocking the door. August Smart lock is stylish and suits almost all types of door decors, and you can check the status of the door lock.The following are some features, pros, and cons of august smart lock.

August Smart lock vs. August Smart lock pro, Best Smart Locks For Home Security

August Smart lock vs. August Smart lock pro, Best Smart Locks For Home SecurityQuick Features:

  • Auto-Lock/Unlock: August Smart Lock features auto-lock/unlock when to enter or leave the room. You don’t even have to touch any handlebar to lock or unlock your door. The lock automatically detects your presence. It eliminates the need to struggle with keys when in a hurry.
  • Guest Key Feature: One of the best features of August SmartLock is the Guest key feature. You can control the guest’s access to the room for a specific time, such as minutes, days, or months. Unlike traditional keys, you don’t have to worry about sharing your door key.
  • Security The August Smart lock features DoorSense technology that detects if the door is open or closed. This a great security feature that keeps you sure that the door is always closed. In the security terms, it is a great addon.
  • Live Alerts: Using the August connect app, you can keep track of door lock activity such as who came, and when the door is locked or locked. You can also set the notification alert for a specific person when the door is unlocked.



  • Keyless Operation
  • Live Alert Notification
  • Guest Access
  • Easy to install


  • Wifi Bridge is required for most features

1.     August Smartlock Pro:

August Smartlock Pro is the latest product by August, which is a simple but more advanced smart lock. If you adore smart devices, there cannot be any other better choice than August Smartlock Pro.

It is one of the best smart locks due to its remarkable features and the best app experience. August smart lock uses the same software that is used for August Doorbell cameras. You can control your door lock from anywhere from the ease of your smartphone.

If you are fondingof a smart lock, August Smart lock pro deserves a try. August smart lock pro comes with the connect. There is no need to buy the Wifi bridge separately.

The august smart lock with connect app is so simple that it takes less time to lock/unlock the door from your couch than going to the door. You can also buy a Wi-fi bridge to add remote access and integrate your lock with Vice Assistants such as Alexa or Google Assistant.

This door lock features DoorSense technology that keeps its sure that the door is always closed. This lock can easily attach to any existing deadbolt, which is considered a great and easy to install a smart lock.

You can lock/unlock your door from anywhere, so you do not miss any visit or delivery. Like August Smart lock, August smart lock pro also features guest keys.

If you can do small handy jobs, installing the smart lock will not be tough for you. You can set the Guest access time without the heed of keys. The following are the features, pros, and cons of august smart lock pro.

August Smart lock vs. August Smart lock pro, Best Smart Locks For Home Security

August Smart lock vs. August Smart lock pro, Best Smart Locks For Home SecurityQuick Features:

  • Easy to Install:August smart lock pro is so easy to install that you just need a screwdriver and few minutes. This feature makes it the choice of many people. The smart lock pro can be attached to any single cylinder deadbolt. So you keep the existing lock and keys.
  • 24/7 Monitoring:August Smartlock keeps track of the in/out and locks/unlock information all day. You get the notification alert when someone locks/unlocks. You can also set a notification reminder for some specific person. You can receive your deliveries without even moving from your chair.
  • Smart Control:Your phone or smartwatch is the key for your door lock. The august smart lock pro is compatible with iOS watches, great when you cannot carry your phone with you. You can also use voice commands to lock/unlock control of the smart lock.
  • Compatibility:The august SmartLock Pro is compatible with almost all stand deadbolts. This smart lock is compatible with smart Assistants such as Alexa, Siri, Google Assistant, and also compatible with Google Homekit. This feature makes it a real Smartlock.


  • Highly Compatible
  • Convenient
  • Easy to install
  • Highly Controllable


  • It is more pricey as compared to other models

Comparison between August Smart Lock and August Smart Lock Pro:

Most of the features of  August smart lock and August Smart Pro are the same, but the August smart pro is upgraded and more functional as compared to August Smartlock.

You should have a look at this comparison chart if you are going to buy a smart lock. It can help you save your bucks.

Following is the comparison between August Smartlock and August Smartlock Pro. Both of these locks are highly secure, but august smart lock lacks some upgraded features.


August Smart lock vs. August Smart lock pro, Best Smart Locks For Home Security




August Smart Lock



August Smartlock Pro



·         Auto-Lock/Unlock Features



·         Auto-Lock/Unlock Feature



·         Economic



·         Costly



·         Not Compatible with Apple Home Kit



·         Compatible with Apple HomeKit



·         Does not provide remote access with App



·         Provides Remote Access



·         The package does not include Connect device



·         It comes with Connect



·         3 months Battery Life



·         Requires 110 to 240 volt





·         Door Sense Technology



·         Use DoorSense Technology



·         Existing Locks can be kept



·         Existing Locks can be Kept



·         Comes with Lost Phone Feature



·         Comes with Lost Feature



·         Simple  Installation



·         Simple Installation



·         Limited Functionality



·         Highly Functional



·         Not highly secure



·         Highly Secure


·         Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant compatible  with Connect Device


·         Amazon Alexa, Apple Siri, Google Assistant Compatible



·         Keeps  track of the activity



·         Also keeps track of the activity



·         Quiet Bigger



·         Small & Sleek


·         Requires Wifi Bridge separately for some features


·         Does not require Wifi Bridge



Both the august locks are great in security and reliability. Both products are of high-quality but differ in some features. August Smartlock Pro is the best choice as it is highly compatible with almost all smart Assistants.

This smart lock is quite expensive as compared to August Smart lock but worths its price. August smart lock pro is best in all terms when compared to August Smartlock.

It is highly controllable and easy to use Connect App. It comes including a lost Phone feature that can help you if in case you lost your phone.