The video doorbells without subscription let you enjoy the perks of surveillance as impressive as the doorbells with monthly subscription plans. These video doorbells come with no fee for cloud storage and video recordings. 

These video doorbells have some jaw-dropping specifications like high resolution, colossal video storage capacity, wide-angle, two-way audio communication, compatibility with Alexa and Google, fast alerts, and easy installation. 

This article includes the best video doorbell without subscription and its hallmarks. You can give it a good read below.


Why a Big no to Monthly Smart Video Doorbell Subscription?

The smart video doorbell’s monthly subscription plan means that you have to pay a monthly fee for the security plan you have chosen for your safety. You pay this fee for the cloud storage of your video recordings.

The benefit of monthly payments is that you can play and share the videos on the cloud whenever and wherever you want. The subscription fee starts from $3 to $6 per month.

Cloud storage is beneficial somehow, but in the long run, it is very costly. So, it would be best if you chose smart doorbells without a monthly fee; they will ultimately prove to be very cost-effective for you.

Below are given five best video doorbell without a subscription.


1. eufy Security, Wi-Fi Video Doorbell

If you really want to get the one-time purchase, then the eufy Smart Video Doorbell is the best option for you. There is no hidden cost or monthly subscription bill for this premium doorbell. The response of the doorbell is rapid and recognizes people in microseconds.

5 Best Video Doorbell without Subscription, Best Smart Locks For Home Security5 Best Video Doorbell without Subscription, Best Smart Locks For Home Security

It allows you to record an HD 2K resolution video with 2560 x 1920 pixels.  It has an advanced and enhanced HDR with video distortion correction. Artificial intelligence and accurate algorithm are beneficial in detecting a very minute motion.

It has an excellent chime, which consists of eight ringtones. These ringtones are fascinating, including the holiday concept. The volume of the ringtone is also adjustable. The appearance of the doorbell is very smooth and glossy. 

The price of this doorbell is $159.99. It has a military-grade encryption feature. One of the excellent attributes is the 3-second pre-buffer, which allows you to view the video or the image even before the first alert.


  • Person detection
  • Free local storage
  • 16 ft night vision
  • Easy Installation
  • High-resolution camera
  • Private recording
  • Quick app start-up timing


  • Low cloud memory than other devices


2. eufy Security, Wireless Video Doorbell

It is the smart up-gradation of the previous doorbell.  A battery powers this model of the eufy doorbell. The brand has upgraded its camera quality of the doorbell than that of its predecessor. Its camera’s extended features include an increased aspect ratio of 4:3, which allows an adjustable angle with full view.
5 Best Video Doorbell without Subscription, Best Smart Locks For Home Security5 Best Video Doorbell without Subscription, Best Smart Locks For Home Security

The integration of human detection technology in this camera enables the doorbell to send real-time alerts. You can avoid all the false alarms. The customization of motion zones lets you focus on the area where you needed to focus.

Another upgraded feature of this doorbell is that it has two systems for power-up. This feature offers you two modes of power; you can either use it with wires or can use the batteries to run the bell. The additional 12GB storage provides considerable space for recordings.

The camera resolution of this doorbell is 2K with 2560 × 1920 pixels power. The detection technology of eufy is exclusive to the company, and the video doorbells send you real-time alerts only. 


  • 2K camera resolution
  • Wi-Fi connectivity
  • Long battery life
  • Free cloud storage
  • Compatibility with Alexa and Google


  • High cost

3. Campark Wi-Fi Video Doorbell Camera

This video doorbell supports a vast angle of view. It has come up to meet the buyer’s needs, yet it is not too pricey. All the other doorbells offer a field of view of 160 degrees. The Campark Wi-Fi Video Doorbell camera has 166 degrees.
5 Best Video Doorbell without Subscription, Best Smart Locks For Home Security5 Best Video Doorbell without Subscription, Best Smart Locks For Home Security

Technology has played a vital role in the revolutionization of the user’s safety. It provides the Full HD resolution and smart PIR motion detection feature in the camera. Apart from that, the two-way audio works extraordinarily good, and integration to Alexa is flawless. 

The app for the doorbell is very convenient to use for both iPhone and Android users. The device has a storage of 32GB in a micro-SD for the storage of video recordings.

The power system of this doorbell is dual. You can install it on the wiring of your previous doorbell, or you can use the two rechargeable Li-ion batteries(3400mAh). The life of these batteries is up to 3 months.

The wide-angle of the camera assists you in detecting the motion in the surroundings. The wide-angle also allows you to see even the slight movement in the front door and the side yards. This doorbell is extremely handy as you can get all the notification on your phone via the app. 


  • Effortless installation
  • Broad lens angle
  • Exceptional night vision
  • Substantial storage capacity
  • Excellent app control



  • Not waterproof


4. UOKIER Wi-Fi Video Doorbell Camera

The good thing about this doorbell is that it gives you so much extra at a low price. The camera provides a resolution of 1080p. The upgraded motion sensors allow the device to reduce all the false alarms.

5 Best Video Doorbell without Subscription, Best Smart Locks For Home Security5 Best Video Doorbell without Subscription, Best Smart Locks For Home Security
Another exceptional specification of this device is it is circa 10 meters by default distance detection. Because of this attribute, the sensors are not activated but only in the case of actual confrontation. It also lets you customize the distance according to your ease.

It has a pretty long-lasting battery. If you fully charge the battery, it can last from 2 to 4 months. The device also notifies you about the battery status that now is the time to recharge it.

As far as the process of installation is concerned, it is very convenient for you to implant on the previously installed doorbell wiring. This video won’t overlook any alert and keeps you up to date about your surroundings, even if you are far away. 


  • HD picture quality
  • Accurate motion detection
  • The storage capacity of 32GB
  • Instinctive app
  • Two way sound function
  • Up-graded motion sensors


  • The battery is not so sturdy

5. GEREE Video Doorbell Camera Wireless

This video camera’s two promising features are the 1080p video quality and the 166-degree field of view. Moreover, infrared night vision is very compelling at night. It brings a very crystal clear view of the activity on the table.
5 Best Video Doorbell without Subscription, Best Smart Locks For Home Security
5 Best Video Doorbell without Subscription, Best Smart Locks For Home Security

Massive storage of 32GB will help you to store the recordings. One extraordinary thing about this video doorbell is that it offers you a monthly subscription plan too.

The PIR technology won’t bother you for false alarms. You can customize each and everything of the sensor. The options for sensitivity are low, medium, high, and you can also customize the detection area coverage.

One of the intriguing things about this doorbell is that you can record the 30 seconds voice message. The system of the doorbell will play it when the visitor presses the bell.

GEREE video doorbell is very reliable because it offers a 12-month warranty and a one-month free money-back guarantee on its video doorbell. The package of the doorbell includes all the accessories for installation. 


  • Substantial wide angle
  • Magnificent night mode
  • Meager power consumption
  • Offers multi-users on app
  • 30 seconds voice message 
  • Heavy warranty and coverage


  • The app is a bit choppy


How To Use Subscription Free Smart Doorbells?

The subscription-free doorbells available in the market offers plenty of features. They provide you live streaming without any cloud storage fee. Apart from that, you get the instant push notification on your app.

The two audio mode lets you talk with the visitor without letting them in. in some doorbell, there is a unique feature of face recognition. You can make the profile of your familiar ones on the app to get special notifications on their arrivals.

The package detection feature allows you to know about the package’s delivery timing and picking time. The extended trait of facial recognition assists you to avoid the false alarms of animals. 

The infrared night visions allow you to watch out for any creepy activity on your front porch even at night. Some of these doorbells also come with monthly or annual subscription plans, which is an extra feature. These doorbells are so perfect that the user seldom goes for the subscription plan. 


Final Words

Conclusively, it is beyond doubts that the best video doorbells without a subscription are equally beneficial. They have many specifications, including massive storage without cloud fee, 1080p t0 2K camera resolution, and alerts via the app.

Apart from that, it is also compatible with smart home devices. These are all the attributes of these best video doorbell without subscription and no monthly charges. As mentioned above, the top companies will provide you with all the necessary features otherwise available in subscription plans.