In an ever smart world around us, it is only fair that we keep upgrading our lifestyles with new and upgraded technology. It can often be pretty frustrating keeping up with all the changes happening around us because honestly speaking it’s hard to keep track. While we cannot cover all your technological needs, we can try and help you with what we can. So, if you’re looking for a smart lock (especially one with a camera) for your house. Go ahead! This article is tailor made for you. If you’re not, just give it a whirl anyways. You’ll end up buying one anyways because they are just so cool and the appeal is honestly hard to resist.

So let’s not waste any more time and hope on to the Best Smart Door Locks for your home security. These are keyless and equipped with state-of-the-art face scanners. Moreover, if you’re a bit old school kind of a person, they also offer password and biometric identification services. 

1:Face Recognition Keyless Smart Door Lock, Digital Electronic Biometric Smart Locks, Intelligent Access Card Unlock + Palm Print Unlock, 7-in-1 Unlocking Method

So first on the list, we have this amazing ZKTeco Smart Door Lock by FYLD and retailed by lyjLEjp. It retails for $439.99 along with Free Shipping.

 Details regarding the product are as follows:

  • It offers various ways to unlock the lock providing high security. These include: Face recognition, Fingerprint recognition, Password unlock, Mifare Cards, or simply the traditional key.
  • It is not, however, Waterproof or Reversible: Be careful when you are choosing between the left or right handle lever. This Lock is only to cater for your indoor use.
  • It comes equipped with a Capacitive Touch Screen with a graphic visual icon menu, which provides a more intuitive experience than your random locks. 
  • It comes equipped with voice instructions for easier and more convenient use. This helps cater to a large demographic of people. So you don’t need to be a tech junkie to install this system.
  • The fingerprint door lock come with rechargeable lithium battery. Lithium batteries have become rapidly popular for their longer duration and slower wear off rates.
  • There is also a new innovation in this product: TL100S is a digital door lock with random password (random digits +correct digits+ random digits), user may enter any random digits in front of and behind the correct password to create random password to open the door.
  • There is also an Alarm Reminder. This means that the Smart alarm is equipped to alert for low battery and/or illegal operation along with an alert for break-ins;  
  • There would also be an Installation Guide and an Instruction manual at your disposal to ease your operation of the product.

Things to look out for:

  •  Your Door Thickness should be From 40mm to 120mm
  • Face password capacity of up to 300 words is allowed
  • Lock Material is Zinc, Aluminum, and Stainless Steel
  • It is suitable for Operating Temperatures between -25°C to +60°C hence High temperature resistant
  • It has a minimum Reaction Time of 0.5 seconds
3 Best Smart Door Locks for your Home Security  with Face Recognition, Best Smart Locks For Home Security
                                                      3 Best Smart Door Locks for your Home Security  with Face Recognition, Best Smart Locks For Home Security

GSLK101 WiFi Enabled Home Security Smart Lock with Built-In Camera & Two-Way Audio – Keyless Entry, Battery Powered, LED Lit, Satin Nickel

This product by Gate Labs is rather popular among its rivals. This intelligent door lock has a 3 star rating on amazon for smart home security from a total of 106 customers and is currently rank in the #1 New Releases by the website.

Details of this product include:

  •  It captures and stores videos using the motion activated camera equipped on the lock. You’ll be able to see who came to your door at all times. An epitome of your own smart door lock with a camera
  • You get premium trusted access to the lock which you can manage no matter where you are. You also get security alerts, status of your lock, and are able to unlock your door remotely.
  • You also get an additional feature of app alerts of visitors from the video doorbell, see and speak to them from your phone with two-way audio system. So if you’re annoyed by the random kids ringing your doorbell, well now you just saved yourself an annoying trip to the door.
  • There is also keyless entry. This means you can access your home using the backlit LED keypad, or distribute virtual “key” PIN numbers for trusted guests
  • It’s based on an easy do-it-yourself model – No drilling or wiring required, our all-in-one design requires nothing else to buy or connect
  • It also includes an additional traditional key cylinder for physical key access when needed
  • Upon buying the product, you also get automatically subscribed to a 30-day FREE trial of the Gate Premier Plus Plan, which includes unlimited access and storage of recorded videos.
  • If connected to a wifi, the lock system automatically uploads video to cloud storage
  • The rechargeable removable, lithium-ion battery is easy to remove and charge.
  • The lock comes equipped with the following components: Gate Video Smart Lock, Replacement deadbolt, Rechargeable battery, USB charging cable, Philips-head screwdriver, Rubber spacers for use on interior doors, and three Replacement Keys.
3 Best Smart Door Locks for your Home Security  with Face Recognition, Best Smart Locks For Home Security
    3 Best Smart Door Locks for your Home Security  with Face Recognition, Best Smart Locks For Home Security

ZYLFN Smart Door Lock, Face Recognition Smart Door Lock, 8 Ways to Unlock, Fully Automatic Electronic Locks with Mechanical Key for Home Hotel Apartment

  • This is a system of Intelligent Locks for automatically detecting Human Risk Recognition. Not only does it has a fast opening in about 0.5 seconds but it’s also equipped with Infrared Three-dimensional Face Recognition.
  • Without touching the static, infrared image features can easily identify the difference between a  worn/damp and a normal surface. It also recognizes old-person and children’s palms. However, it is not able to recognize non-living palms so no need to try out those plastic ones you got at the mall.
  • When the remainder power is insufficient and still not charged, the charger, provided in the package, can be used for emergency charging, or simply a mechanical key can be used.
  • Unlocking systems in the product include: Combination unlock, double key unlock, double user unlock, and a double protective security level unlock, all of them greatly improving your home security.


Things to note before buying the product: When placing an order, please measure the thickness and width of your door for your convenience.